Bright Eyes - Cassadaga

Rating: 7/10
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Time comes and goes fast, and people spend every kind of thing so fast. We now are part of a new trend, listen and throw music records in the name of mp3. This is the century of do your job and take your money!

"Cassadaga" is taking spot ratings which are mostly 80 out of 100, and i found new Bright Eyes completely influenced by country rock, i actually call this record obsessed between country-indie-alternative rock. Cassadaga offers numerous atmospheric love songs in front of fickle music. At times, it reaches high emotions overly, waiting for right moment to reach listeners. When this happens, i'm sure that you are going to spend most of your time with "Cassadaga", or else, it gets one of that ordinary records.

Conor Oberst, who is a young singer/songwriter from Nebraska, creates emotionally perfect ambition in some of the songs such as "No One Would Riot For Less", "Make A Plan To Love Me". And melodic side of "Cassadaga" is huge on careful music fellows. Most importantly, best new Bright Eyes song stays there, the name is "No One Would Riot For Less". It won't be wrong, if i compare this song with Bob Dylan's songs. Near to go, you'll feel the strong emotions running to your ears. Eventually, this is a nice record , for the most part. There is no need to overstate the things and no need to blemish.
MM picks: No One Would Riot For Less, If The Brakeman Turns My Way
mp3: Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less
mp3: Birght Eyes - Four Winds
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