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I mixed a good post which includes random links from blogosphere. Don't forget to thank folks at there, as you know it takes huge time sharing some worthy music.
Indie Surfer Blog mixes a lot of indie bands very hot right now and live stuffs of Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliot Smith, Menomena.
mp3: Go Sailor - Fine Day For Sailing
mp3: Go Sailor - Long Distance

R Indie points another strong alternative band of the early '90s, Blind Melon. Soup is one of the most underrated and overlooked great rock albums of the '90s. Wow, i still remember that opening song, Galaxie. Great song!

Napsmear has the best record of Stone Temple Pilots, Purple (1994). Vasoline, Interstate Love Song, Big Empty Are these f*cking awesome? Yes!

Jacyk's good choices from 80s such as John Foxx make MM blog sings, synth Pop lovers should give a listen to The Gargen (1981).

In the meanwhile, i'm listening to a gorgeous metal record that makes truly huge sense in the ears, Pelican's forthcoming City Of Echoes (2007)!!! Amazing sh*t, you can steal it from 4 metal. Entirely instrumental "City of Echoes" destroys average hard rock music on the marketplace, and after degreed previous "The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw" (2005), With "City Of Echoes" Pelican creates well-educated music in their own genre.


your wiki guide on 7:20 am said...

thanks for sharing such great songs. I believed that Indie artists have so much to offer to music lovers like us. thanks again...

Music_Lover on 10:29 am said...

Yeah! You did a great job of sharing these indie musics online! Just like you, I also love listening to this kind of music. Keep on rockin'!

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jaden on 2:29 pm said...

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sofiya on 11:48 am said...

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