Jack - Pioneer Soundtracks: 10th Anniversary Edition

Rating: 10/10
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How many bands do you know that greatly shines in your eyes, but unfortunately people don't know them well. It's been a bitter sentence, but i'm with full of emotion. The emotion which is created by music on me. This tenth anniversary re-release, on Spinney Records, is a two-disc set including additional B-sides, demo versions, alternative mixes. And this is a real reason for a music lover to cry "Yes, yes, yes!".

Ten quick years on, Jack's debut album sounds as urgent, ambitious, florid and heated as ever. Literary and cinematic, it nonetheless bulges and trembles with very real emotion. Sometimes it's wilfully wasted, heartbroken, forlorn. Other times it's buzzing at the prospect of another night ride into the busy city. It's loud with voices in its head, it's lonely in a crown. It's one of those rare British albums which suggests albums could be more,could be greater, richer, more telling and durable. With its melody, with its composing and instruments, Scott Walker like passionate guitar

Don't take my pen, this hands want to write, this ears want listen good music. This record encourages you listen more music. Supposing that Pioneer Soundtracks thanks to musicians that it influences, and taking its power from glamorous huge musicians like Lou Reed, David Bowie, Scott walker... 'This is so music, this is white Jazz' Anthony Reynolds start singing in a passionate style, drawing you into the music by power of words -- ' Some will age, some will die, but you, you and i, well we'll survive it all, yes we're above it all'. It's not only telling power of love, it also be affected and makes you same. All low and high guitar sections perfecly represent with the well-written lyrics. This record is a plain example of a band which want to create its music eagerly. The songs never repeat same magic, every song paints different colour of blue melodies.

Pioneer Soundtracks touches you throughout. It's one of the best records in the middle 90s, now it's expanded and still perfect. Release Date: Mar 7, 2007
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MM picks: Biography of a First Son, I Didn't Mean it Marie, F.U., Dress You In the Morning
mp3: Jack - Biography of a First Son
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Anonymous said...

Right on!

cecilia v. on 6:26 pm said...

thanks for the recomendation.

i´ve already known them, in fact, i attended one of their concerts in a tiny theatre in Londo back in 1998.


fosse8 on 1:55 pm said...

Hell yes. Brilliant, *brilliant* album.

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