Angelic Melody Clouds

In Wintertime, a cat is crying outside. I wanted to help, but... We all want to do something, once in a time I Wanted to fly high above the skies. I don't have any whigs but beliefs. Say it to yourself 'Yes you can do it, there is always hope' When you hear Alison Shaw's one of a kind voice, embracing you, loving you, crying for you. Cranes were one of that rare alternative rock bands in early '90s, released eleven albums, and albums such as "Wings of Joy" (1991) , "Forever" (1993) are distinctive and major records that they released. Adoration is a song which included in Wing of Joy, combining delicate vocals and melodies with instinctive dream pop influence. If you don't want to be slave of the song, don't listen!
mp3: Cranes - Adoration (1991)

Ocean! It's fresh, starts from somewhere and it ends with nowhere. Medicine is another great shoegazing band, formed 1991 in Los Angeles, CA, somewhat druggy, melodic and dense music they create. I'd recommend you to listen the great debut "Shot Forth Self Living". It's striking debut for long nights.
mp3: Medicine - Fried Awake (1993)

Beauty and Ugliness are definitely relative terms. When you say to someone that word, (Ugly), think twice! Because you're not beautiful indeed. Beauty is right in the nature. Oh! Somebody hit me! I have to wake up. But Mark Eitzel's (American Film Club) sentimental work "Ugly American" doesn't allow me to ending up dreaming. Large, even, Terrific! I can't even find right words to describe rising of senses. Your body needs a rest now. A flawless music do the control at this time. Good Night!
mp3: Mark Eitzel - Nightwatchman (2003)


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