Syd Barett

I was reading Mojo's 2006 September release, and the cover was..., Syd Barett. Death is one of the most factual condition for people. But life is one of the most colorful motion, that's for sure. In music which artist was the most colorful and psychedelic one, sweeping your time with his color color colorful guitars, cheerful lyrics which needs to be discovered??? Again, answer is Syd Barett.

Elton John: 'Obviously , Syd's death is very very sad. To me he was rock's first true casualty. Because of that he'll be one of those people like Nick Drake and Marc Bolan whose legend will live on forever.'

Paul Weller: 'He shone so bright for such a short space of time, everyone's vision of him is still trapped in that time, we only think of Syd as he was on the sleeve of the first album. All i know is that he's very important to me.'

Robyn Hitchcock: 'I think there was a power struggle between Syd and Roger - I don't mean Roger Waters, I mean Roger Barett, and that Roger Barett won. By all accounts, he carried on doing studies of watercolours, and painting. he was this hybrid of a small child going around in shorts and a serious old man. Meanwhile, everyone wanted syd: 'We want Syd, where is he?' Imagine somebody that disturbed and sensitive with all these ghouls on his doorstep. It's not pretty.'

Life goes on, but that doesn't mean you should forget good things coming from the past. So i love to protect influential artists while keeping new influential artists on this blog.
mp3: Syd Barett - Vegetable Man
mp3: Syd Barett - Baby Lemonade


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