Nothing Can Change This Love

To love flowers one by one, don't point that gun to me again, and shorten the words to mean more puzzling. I really love this, talking about what the music feels. In fact it won't be the same, your feelings change every time or after every new discovery in music. One of the best feeling about this love is that it'll never end, there is always new things to discover. For the first time, i owed to the sentence "Everything changes". Everthing must change!

And very very meaningful sentences come 'Remember that hope never dies, and it always is darkest before sunrise!' .
A Sam Cooke cover goes by in front of my ears.
mp3: Jonathan Richman - Nothing Can Change This Love i had a chance to listen Patrick Wolf's forthcoming "The Magic Position" in Feb 26, before saying a great work, i want to listen more and more. But keep it as a secret there is a song which Marianne Faithfull appears, named "Magpie", the song took my heart at first listen.
mp3: Patrick Wolf - The Libertine

“ Without music life would be a mistake. „-- Friedrich Nietzsche


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