Norah Jones - Not Too Late

Rating: 7/10
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Norah releases her third and most personal album yet, Not Too Late, a collection of 13 original songs all of which were either written or co-written by Norah herself.

She got attention of the world since debut "Come Away with Me", selling 18 million copies worldwide and winning Jones eight Grammy awards. In addition, she worked with master producer Arif Mardin, and showed to the world that she's well-talented like best jazz vocalists Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald.

Norah's plentiful music keep charming us. Romantic vocals which we used to listen on previous records, sensibility of a woman while writing free and easy lyrics, high soothing songs, coffee smells, country, blues, jazz, contemporary folk...All of these are included in "Not Too Late". Only thing i'd criticize some songs sound like they're included only to fill up the record, it's so boring realizing that whereas songs like "Sinkin' Soon", "Until The End" were quite adorable to praise throughout.

Norah, makes something warming up inside of you with her voice with her appearance,
so hearty performing she has. That makes the music more absorbing while drinking a cup of hot drink. Certainly she doesn't deserve only some adjectives written abow, you haven't listened full emotive track 8 "My Dear Country" yet. This is one of the best song that Norah wrote.

Near to go, mellow combining of her goes low even though good-balanced songs appears on middle of the record regularly. In the end everything looks fine, covering your face full of sweety. Release date: 30 Jan | Norah Jones Official
MM picks: Until The End, Rosie's Lullaby, My Dear Country
Mp3: Rosie's Lullaby


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