New alternative rock singles

  1. mp3: Grinderman - Get It On
  2. mp3: The Earlies - No Love In Your Heart
  3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lay And Love
  4. Noisettes - Don't Give Up
  5. Jarvis – Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time
  6. Bloc Party - The Prayer
  7. Arcade Fire - Black Mirror
  8. Modest Mouse - Dashboard
  9. Idlewild - No Emotion
  10. Evanescence – Lithium

It's been a while, i've been searching new good singles since Dec, and no new release, no new singles, but today strong albums and singles knock on the door. You see Noisettes' new single smells chocolate, also new album sounds cool.

I've stuck between the sound waves due to The Earlies' upcoming loony "The Enemy Chorus". The first single "No Love In Your Heart" plays around with dub and spacey psyche-rock all the way up The Earlies collective arse.

Finaly, the most stunning single of the week becomes Grinderman's "Get It On" , Nick Cave's new shotgun. They're grinder men indeed. Find more info about the new single here. Moreover, watch Jarvis' video on youtube.


The Carpenter on 3:22 am said...

The Earlies song reminds me of the Human League, but a bit more spohistocated. Thanks for sharing.

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