The Most Dreamy Rock Bands

1. My Bloody Valentine
2. Cocteau Twins
3. Jesus & Mary Chain
4. Mazzystar
5. Mojave 3
6. Ride
7. Mercury Rev
8. Galaxie 500
9. House of Love
10. Beach House

Yesss. I said "yes" like a snake, eh? The bands are so important noted abow. This is so music contains pure beauty of fresh waterfalls. You can find yourself dreaming unreasonably, so that's not rational behaving to listen all of them in one day, but i can do it and i'm still alive... Beach House is a promising, and very impressive band. It's gorgeous to see a courteous band is growing continuously.

This Jesus & Mary Chain truly fits our century, let me sing it loud 'I see people going down , All gods people going down'
Jesus & Mary Chain - Sowing Seeds
Of course we don't need to sit and cry, saying 'oh people are so cruel', what we need to do is having knowledge of the things going on in this world. The Awareness, maybe it's the most powerful weapon of people. 'I want peace, I'm sowing seeds'

New Beach House Video - "Master Of None"


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you forgotted EISLEY!!!!

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