Manic - Floor Boards EP

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As a Los Angeles based rock band, they are a fairly tech-heavy band, and in my opinion Manic is fruitful combination of today's popular rock music genres such as Indie, Modern or Alternative Rock.

'We’re not pretentious, but we think we do a really good job at representing ourselves and our songs when we play them live.' says Zane Smythe (guitar). As far as it touches me, they dropped an impressive EP which proves band's desire will continue to reach the audience. Dramatic and thunderous heavy alternative works such as "Leaving Araby", "In a Room On Fire" embodies a lot of attractive textures, featuring self-possessed vocal performance.

Floor boards is quite clear to describe what kind of music taste they're going with. The EP portrays that they're affected with mania, and gloomy, prolific lyrics to produce the music they like. Sound waves keeps gloomy element, it gets colder and colder on closing song "Mr. Evans". It's manic, sensitive and broken hearted.
MM picks: Leaving Araby, Mr. Evans
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The \m/ in Metal said...

Thanks Dude, great band with a unique, damn innovative style!

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