Kristin Hersh - Learn To Sing Like A Star

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
Alternative Pop/Rock
She's started to drop her solo album in early 1994, took a break from the group (Throwing Muses), and following "The Grotto" (2003) , now this is her seventh heavy-acustic studio album.

Kristin Hersh's easily broken, sometimes sharp voice is primary material of the record, and don't forget iridescent violins , guitar cracks, and most of all massive songs one after another.

"Learn to Sing Like a Star" proves Hersh's mellow harmonies get stronger for alternative rock listener, who love to feel themselves as adult rock music lover. Pretty nice fourteen works are quite satisfying, bright, and ready to cuddle us. Despite songs' short length, songs like "Nerve Endings" or "Peggy Lee" are bittersweet compositions in the middle of natural atmosphere. She also touches to you with her improved songwriter.

After the listening, you are right to complaint its short play, but if you consider "Learn To Sing Like A Star" luxurious airy play, sir, your steps are on the right way. Kristin Hersh has already known to sing like a star. Release date: January 23, 2007
MM picks: Under the Gun, Sugarboy
Kristin Hersh - Nerve Endings


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