Edwyn Collins

New bands and albums held off for one day, this post devoted to Edwyn. Best known for his tenure fronting the Scottish pop revivalists Orange Juice as well as his international solo hit "A Girl Like You,". When he was 16, he sold his stamp collection to buy a cheap Burns guitar and an amp. Having taught himself to play.

It's now almost two year since Edwyn left hospital following his stroke in February 2005. Since then he has been working tirelessly to recover as much of his former powers as possible.

I love to listen your records, your every song. Please drop us another new record, know that we always here for you to hear another amazing record.

This will continue...I'll protect the amazing artists, but as you know i can't do it by myself. Actually real power in music is the audience. Music can't exist if there is nobody listening to it. Edwyn Collins is a genius. Not only great mellow voice he has, he also has three amazing solo record "Doctor Syntax" (2002), " Gorgeous George" (1994) ,"Hope And Despair" (1989). Like before i said, we can't describe the music, we can only feel it. Edwyn's myspace page by his son.

You only kick me when I'm down
When I get up you come around
You come around, you say I'm great
You're only twenty years too late

mp3: Roddy Frame & Edwyn Collins - Falling and Laughing
mp3: Edwyn Collins - 20 Years Too Late


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