Earlies - The Enemy Chorus

Rating: 8.3/10
Modern Music Review
Psychedelic / Pop / Experimental
Bands in genre psychedelic music have always been hardworking and promising. New album of the Canadian indie rock band combines intelligent pop, sometimes psyche-rock, but in every condition it helps you to fuck everything off. Take one banana to your right hand, a glass of milk on the other, then you need a blender. Mix it! Mix it while you're listening to "The Enemy Chorus". Actually indie rock would be straight term, there are different varied sounds, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes quite electronica music.

Also there is an example of country-electronica combo as shiny as a rainbow. Check "The Ground We Walk On" as a clear sample of the blend. Now that's very impressive. Because on the record good songs come one after another but not a similar way, every song includes quite different compositions. As a favorite of mine "Bad Is As Bad Does" hooks you up and proves how noises should use almost perfectly, reminding sound waves from Japan's Quiet Life to classic Pink Floyd work "Dark Side of the Moon" (except the guitar solos). Their music compared to such genre-defining artists as the Polyphonic Spree, the Flaming Lips, and Mercury Rev. Most of the songs poke me to say 'Yeah it's space rock'. Sometimes this space oriented beats reach highest point, and that makes you a little exhausted listener. While some songs are too low tempo (Little Trooper, Broken Chain), the other ones are too noisy. At the end of record some slob songs crowd. Anyway, every song is precious and has enough potential to hit the sky like a space shuttle.

Think of a fan, if you use it correctly, it'll help you to lighten yourself. "The Enemy Chorus" had the same power, if you could see right colors on it. A perfect choice for rainy, cloudy, breezy weathers. Release date: January 23, 2007
MM picks: Burn The Liars, Bad Is As Bad Does, Breaking Point
mp3: Burn the Liars


Jeff on 6:34 pm said...

This album is great. Even catchier than their first!

bulut on 6:55 pm said...

I believe that the album will exist one of my best of 2007 albums list.
Btw, you've got a great review source Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Got this record, your review perfectly describes this album!

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