Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Some Loud Thunder

Rating: 8.5/10
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Indie Rock
Today, we'll clap our hands say yeah, because a really really very successful indie rock story lies there. They worked and worked , and it's a influence foundation for other unsigned new bands. They promoted their music themselves before anything else, and deserved good words by anyone who loves to listen music. Self-released, self-promoted, and self-distributed debut album was quite stunning because it was similar to any kind of rock music, at the same it was some kind of quirky record, drawing extraordinary noise waves onto playful irreverent singing style.

They come another Clap Your Hands style record previously named as "Some Loud Thunder". They are well-known band via internet, blogging, but it's not a stamp for their music, of course they are loved by people because of their cool musical success. Again stone-like pieces are in stock, quite lovely dynamic cuts exist in "Some Loud Thunder". I tried to put first record and recent record to different corners, and what i saw is two different ambition, two different melody cube.

"Some Loud Thunder" is more ironic than debut record, and also cuts like "Satan Said Dance", "Yankee Go Home" are new naughty toys for indie kids. As a favorite of mine the most twisted song "Love Song No. 7" is the modest proof that these guys are strong-minded to keep this brilliant career. On the other hand "Some Loud Thunder" isn't powerful like a vital record, it has its own kindness. Its character and songwriting style can't depict a masterpiece's or a must have record. Anyway it's absolutely one step forward as against debut CYHSY. Release date: 30 Jan

Strong wish is the half way of successful, passion is the bullet of ability and Clap Your Hands Say
Yeah! shows the statements clearly. By the way the cover is weak...
MM picks: Love Song No. 7, Goodbye To The Mother And The Cove, Yankee Go Home
stream the entire album from myspace right here.
mp3s: Love Song No. 7, Underwater (You and Me)


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