City, Lights, Apartments, Cars...

Passing city lights one by one, so fast, riding high upon a deep depression, with a empty look upon your face. Not that easy boy or girl, you chose to live in city, built high structures, gigantic machines. It's not right time to complain now. At the same time it's not rude to express your feelings. A cup of tea your hand, thinking 'I'm only happy when it rains', waiting and chasing days to see a little drop of rain.
Garbage - Only happy when it rains

It's a sad sad thing to see hopeless people sometimes. You think that if i could help someone to cheer him/her up. With songs, and music, you can dream whatever you like. The best thing coming alongthe music is -- to catch your life soundtrack. Even if the song is too depressive , believe that it can help you to smile. Because if your life always is perfect, that time it's the most depressive thing you're dealing with it . 'oh no... please don't wave goodbye wave goodbye'
The Tea Party - Lullaby

...And the best thing of living in city is that it makes you as strong as a classic rock song. Anything can break you down now, you're fullfilled with experiences. Life needs to be strong, we must play our lives like soldiers in the field. And one of my life's backround tune appears...
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood


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