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Ween was the ultimate cosmic goof of the alternative rock era, a prodigiously talented and deliriously odd duo whose work traveled far beyond the constraints of parody and novelty into the heart of surrealist ecstasy.
I'm not a big fan of The Muppets or anything like that, but today, i was listening to some Ween albums and i thought that it'd be droll to share the video with you. Don't know if you listen comedy rock such names The Dead Milkmen, Zappa or any great artist but comedy is as important as seriousness in the life. I'm sure that you've had unhappy times and you've had moments that you found yourself rolling on the floor laughing. Besides, if you love rock music, i'm sure of it that you've entertaining character, hiding inside of you. Ween is a great band to discover and it can change your ordinary moments, watch and see what you've got!

And also listen the best Ween song: Tried and True
Official Ween Page


e on 8:26 pm said...

All hail the boognish!
"tried and true" is a favorite song, but there are also 100 other favorites in Ween's songbook!

Anonymous said...


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