The Twilight Singers - A Stitch In Time

Rating: 8.2/10
EP Review
Alternative Rock
The Twilight Singers are a side project for Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli.

"A Stitch In Time", which consists of five new song, opens with a cover song of Massive Attack.
In the song, smoky, whiskey-like voice Mark Lenegan appears. Keep this as a secret, actually i've never been disappointed by any Greg Dulli's work whether Twilight Singers or Afghan Whigs. Their albums must exist in your archive. "Sublime" which is the second song brings the complex outstanding work of Twilight Singers, at the top of R&b rhytims, guitars solos, back soul vocals. It's totally awesome and
it's for people who loves rock music really very much. As you see from the name of "Flashback",
it's a song which recalls previous Afghan Whigs songs. Yeah it's rocking like Afghan Whigs'

It's been almost perfect EP. "They Ride" is another greater power, any Afghan Whigs or Twilight Singers fan should listen it. Creative grunge-like guitar solos on the center of the song and Greg Dulli's captivating voice on backround to draw you in. On the other hand its arrangements aren't very different from his previous works. It's what it has to be. The songs are usually liquid. The closing song is little exhausting, though.

Greg Dulli, name of a powerful rock artist despite his buried works. Along with being stunning, it can be also refreshing to you mood. This Ep definitely is more precious than some of the other albums in the year.
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