The Tragically Hip - World Container

Rating: 8.5/10
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Formed in 1983 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada the Tragically Hip came together with childhood friends. The group took their name from a Michael Nesmith video entitled Elephant Parts and focused on making a name for themselves in the local scene during the mid-'80s.

My playlist has been entirely joyful this week. It's because Deerhoof's "Friend Opportunity", Clinic's "Visitations" and The Hip's "World Container" (2006). Especially "World Container" is going to be my favorite album of the month. I love to follow American Trad Rock style. Fastball, The Black Crowes, Phish and Dave Matthews are great names to rock your room.

As for The Tragically Hip's "World Container", you know i don't praise a band easily, but, this album is amazing. Moreover you must listen the whole record is featuring powerful electric guitars, visceral bass guitars, emotional vocals and lyrics... I examined all of them one by one.
At first listen it can seems nothing special to you but it'd be a big mistake not giving a second listen. Opening song and the second single "Yer Not The Ocean" is a bit usual, but the second one "The Lonely End Of The Rink" and the rest of the album include quite filling songs. Maybe it's not album of the year or not evebody's favorite but who cares? If there is anybody listening it, like me, then really who cares? They play their nice music and they find a listener at any occasion.

Notably "The Kids Don't Get It" helps them to shout their own style to rock music lovers. In addition, there is a love ballad which is named by "Pretend", oriented superb piano and ambitious singing style. That's funny, when i was listening to it, i was washing my hands, eating my lunch. And i felt myself inside a love story, because of the music fills my home.

It's quite rocking and you feel the energy of hard rock till the end of it. Almost i'd forget,
check out their "Up to Here" (1989) album which is a pick of mine. You'll love vocal performance of Gordon Downie , who is poetic improviser, is one of Canada's most treasurable artists.
MM pick: The Kids Don't Get It, Pretend, The Drop-Off
Listen: The Kids Don't Get It
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