Tom Waits - Orphans - 2006

Rating: 9.5/10
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I like my town

With a little drop of poison

Nobody knows

They're linin' up to go insane

Tom Waits ,who is one the most important American songwriter, released this 3-disc set includes 30 brand-new recordings--in addition to the usual mix of covers, soundtrack selections, and other previously uncompiled material.

I'm writing and erasing, writing and erasing...
Tom Waits always help me to change my home's atmosphere, i put "Rain Dogs" (my favorite of 1985) to music centre and i keep my little moments alive. I tried to play his songs along with other artists, he sounds as the biggest, so mature. That's why i dissociate his music from the others. You've always something to say about him.

I'm all alone
I smoke my friends down to the filter

But I feel much cleaner
After it rains

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall

She always had that little drop of poison

Brawlers (first disc) : Opening with great drunk, joyful Tom Waits single "Lie To Me", this cd keeps unique cranky style of rock'n roll, taking its soul from American roots music.
Lovely beats, weird various instruments, claps and as the most important Tom Waits'
cracked voice. It sounds like the voice was smitten by thousand barrel drink. "Brawlers" remove the daily routine in your life while you're listening to it. "Road To Peace" can be noted as one of the best work of Tom Waits on the cd. It's a long time, political and eye-catching song. "Sea Of Love" is my another pick, proves his success, points his as the most melancholic song developer. Also that cover song sounds better than the original soundtrack. Heartbroken voice by trembling electric guitars, i know it sounds perfect!

Did the Devil
Make the World
While God was sleeping
You'll never get a wish from a bone

Another long goodbye
And a hundred sailors
That deep blue sky
Is my home

Bawlers (second disc): "Widow's Grove" with a Little Drop Of Poison. In life, there are always cruelties and "Shiny Things" which you have to live, things that you can not change. "World Keeps Turning", you have still the chance, a chance which can keep you from being a "Little Man". Never Let Go to the happiness, never say "It's Over". Just say "If I Have To Go" and keep the moment, give a second chance.

As you see from my expressions, they brings wonderful harmony together, these are meaningful songs as well as darkened. This disc remind of an attic where all memories stored, where we don't forget the past, where we can't go on with the past. If you listen "Bawlers" alone, you'll relive the past. It's full of memories , happy and misery moments. I wonder how is your mood after listening "Young At Heart" which is the closing song, totally broken?

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall

She always had that little drop of poison

Well a rat

Always knows
When he's in with weasels
Here you lose a little everyday

Bastards (third disc) : We rocked, we cried and now it's time to joy. He's one the
most impressive romantic, passionate songwriter, at the same time he's
got distinctive sense of humor which "Bastards" proves indeed.

Well I remember
When a million was a million
They all have ways
To make you pay

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall
She always had that little drop of poison

The followers, if "Orphans" doesn't exist in your archive, then that's a good reason to cry while you're listening "Rain Dogs", "Frank Wild Years"
even "Alice". Sir Waits still has wonderful (drunken) voice ,and again his noises
blow us away. He's for sure important figure and one of the most influential artist.
Orphans has a bunch of feelings to get you in, don't miss this out!
MM picks: Road To Peace, Sea Of Love, Widow's Grove, Little Man, What Keeps Mankind Alive
Listen: Little Drop Of Poison, Lie To Me
Tom Waits' Site
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