Time Machine - punkkk!

If this post seems not useful, then you should look closer or Daddy will kick your ass! All right! now i remembered that there was a famous disco song named Daddy Cool by Boney M and did you hear the cover of Placebo. If you heard, you would laugh to Brian Molko's voice with your ass, child.
Placebo - Daddy Cool

00s Bloc Party
They say new album "Weekend in the City" not rocking like "Silent Alarm" but i haven't listened yet. We'll see what we need to see soon. But this always happens if you have a good debut record, they're going to speak ill of second one.
Bloc Party - Helicopter

90s Smashing Pumpkins
They're in studio! Album out soon! so We wait for it, don't we?
Smashing Pumpkins - Zero

80s Mission of Burma
Believe or not i feel quite silly myself whenever i listen to "Vs". But the most weird thing is i like this happy, silly, punky moments. Mission of Burma had the talent and vision to become one of America's great rock bands; if you want to listen some good punk music, listen them.
Mission of Burma - Einstein's Day (extremely great)

70s Patti Smith
"Horses" was a hybrid, the sound of a post-Beat poet, as she put it, "dancing around to the simple rock & roll song. It's not posibble to forget that pretty weird lady, her totally different album cover "Horses", and also a masterpiece!
Patti Smith - Break it up (great classic)

Ice, it was shining. I could feel my heart, it was melting. I tore off my clothes, I danced on my shoes. I ripped my skin open and then I broke through. I cried, “Break it up, oh, now I understand. Break it up, and I want to go.


Red on 1:11 am said...


Smashing Pumpkins

New album

I love them, but I'm not even sure it's more than just Billy and Jimmy anymore.

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