Striking Rock Albums 2006

Warning! These are not some kind of submissive albums. They are spinning on their own axis, it's for people who love to discover unusual music. Sometimes they make me feel that i'm the only one listening these, and also it doesn't mean that they're ineffective records. Absolutely, they're some kind of treasure trove. As for rock music history, this sort of albums have been inspiration to many bands or musicians.

1. Pere Ubu - Why I Hate Woman
sharp, solid, beautiful, touchy...
2. Scott Walker - The Drift
If you're still afraid of darkness, don't even think to listen.
3. Lindsey Buckingham - Under the Skin
Weird glorious acustics
4. Gary Numan - Jagged
Wow! my only dance tunes are in it, the industrial dance.
5. Red Krayola - Introduction
That's perfect, they're keeping the underground career.
6. Tom Verlaine - Songs and Other Things
His timid voice and solid music depict emotions.
7. The Residents - The River of Crime: Episodes 1-5
They're brilliant and unique in nearly every artistic medium.
8. Mission of Burma - The Obliterati
Loudly uniqiue punk band, still ointment to the hearts with "Vs"
9. The Divine Comedy - Victory For The Comic Muse
Orchestral striking songs
10. Dresden Dolls - Yes Virginia
'The first orgasm of the morning, Is like a fire drill.'

...and these are the proofs:

1. Pere Ubu - Mona
2. Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
3. Lindsey Buckingham - Cast Away Dreams
4. Gary Numan - In a dark place
5. Red Krayola - Cruise Boat
6. Tom Verlaine - Documentary
7. The Residents - The Beards!
8. Mission of Burma - Donna Sumeria
9. The Divine Comedy - The Plough
10. Dresden Dolls - My Alcoholic Friends


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