Oasis - Stop The Clocks

Rating: 3/10
Modern Music Review
Britpop, Pop/Rock
First disc includes the most common Oasis works, i don't know who should buy this record! Fans? Is there any fan who doesn't know about "Layla", "The Importance of Being Idle" and "Wonderwall" which song you hear everywhere. "Rock n Roll Star" and "Cigarettes and Alcohol" which are from "Definitely Maybe". Does Oasis fall down? I don't think so. Their every album sells well but in my opinion they haven't relese any good album since 2000's."Don't Believe the Truth" had dropped by the band after two week I bored and didn't listen anymore, but also they said 'This is the greatest Oasis album in ten years'. I knew it, i know it and i'll know it they always say things like that. The result is other people believe this.

Believe me, today it's hard to pick what is good, what is bad! Because of the morons. Oh, i see they have to earn money with that. What i see is they give high marks to albums and they don't
explain why. They only write some previous info about the artist and give full rating. I don't believe they listen the whole albums, i don't believe they love the bands which they give high rates. It's easy to see the lie. Because don't think i'm a jerk, i see the big Oasis banner on the top. As for the Oasis, still they're counting the same steps. "Layla" wasn't anything more precious than Britney Spears'. As for the "Wonderwall", it's enough, of course i know it's a great song but there are other great bands too. So please don't spend your money to same things, and buy another great bands' album which need your support. Please don't be sorry for the disbanded bands, because you don't support them.

I heard something like 'I don't read reviews because i don't interest what other people
think'. Please don't deny you know that these reviews are very effective. In reviews, you can't find every detail from the album, because of music is personal to all of us. You should go and listen to have something to say.

Thank you Hype Media! You've always been flatter! Oasis isn't an unsuccessful band, but this collection makes no sense, same choruses. Listen Oasis, The Clocks won't stop! You should work hard for the clocks. The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Kinks couldn't stop the clocks, how can you stop the clocks with a best of.
MM picks: The Masterplan
Listen: Wonderwall
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