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My musical love reached the top along with Modern Music. This is what i've wanted to do for weeks, i'll touch some of the good blogs now.

When i read other writings about music, many times i feel something missing about the topic, because mosty they talk by rote. Even if the music is great, the writing doesn't breathe. You want to read passionate writings, you want to hear something that flows down to your veins. So that's why we love music blogs which bring something hearty such as Mazzy Star, eh!

Motel De Moka touchs you with creative and extraordinary favorite 12 albums, Destroyer's "Rubies" is number 2 in the list, perceptive music list.
Painter in Your Pocket [mp3]

Sixeyes' favorite record of the year is The Veils' Nux Vomica, a wonderful discovery. Thanks to Alan, this album is really awesome, especially song named "One Night On Earth".

Largehearted Boy includes The Mountain Goats' "Get Lonely" in his list, makes his list standout, because it's hard to find the album any other list but it's truly great album.
Wild Sage [mp3]

Heather's list is wider than other, it's not only indie, a good list, because it consists of a fav. album of mine, "Dog Problems" by The Format.

Underrated's winner is Annuals, and it's a true observation.
Complete or Completing [mp3]

Torr is right about something, Well, Mojave 3 released another great record in the year, but i know it's again underrated. I've all albums of Mojave 3 and they're all some kind of great pleasure.

There are lots of list but if they don't bring something special, you'll find nothing advantage. You can also find some mp3 downloads at the pages above. Don't hesitate to write or comment your favorite list.


Anonymous said...

no love??? just kidding. those are indeed all good lists. loved moka's.

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