Mountain Goats - Get Lonely - 2006

Rating: 9.1/10
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Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
The Mountain Goats are one of the more unusual bands to find shelter under the ever-expanding umbrella term of indie rock.

I want some snow to cover my hopeless eyes. Hey, don't you know that i already know about that they work hard to release this albums but i'm no different. I like to live the music, i try to write about it. Sometimes this isn't well-enough. To know how it feels like being someone else or to judge somebody else, you have to walk around with his/her shoes. Writing about music is the nicest thing, if you want to write.

Thanks to The Mountain Goats who encouraged me to write more about music with their songs. What i found is...the innocent voice, colorful pianos, guitar cracks, harmless songs...

Today i was walking on the street alone, suddenly i stopped. I don't know why i stopped. Then i went on walking. I realised the emptiness, that was the silence. I was looking for some rhythm, sound, noise... anything that was able to rescue me from that situation. At that moment, i realised how much i love my home, the cds, my old teapot and of couse, my cracked cup.

I came to home at least. After all these, if The Mountain Goats' "Get Lonely" plays, oh! that's for sure i'll stop to complaint about anything.

Sometimes you want to be alone, that doesn't only mean that you're happy or not. It's because of brain's getting tired. The life is hard and it's cruel more than you can recognize. Everytime It plays different game and it surprises us in diferent ways. "Get Lonely" is what we looking for, it understands human's nature. I apreciated that their name, which they're Taking from the Screamin' Jay Hawkins song "Big Yellow Coat, related the songs' nature. The Goats which are harmless and awesome creatures, The mountains which are high and place of peace.

You're looking for some hidden place where you can rest, you want to hear the beauty slowly, you want more natural music, you want to imagine untouched prettiness, Then "Get Lonely" is hiding there!
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Mp3: Songs For Lonely Giants
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