Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther

Rating: 9/10
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Melancholic Indie Rock
A sunshine of sorrow, tear apart my whole body, is this fair? I just wanted to listen more music. Is it fair, making my whole body unconscious? I wanted indie, you gave me the most melancholic one! You made my day good. The sun goes down, and this gloomy guitar solos make beautiful my heart. Whenever i listen hooky music, i go to bed with a pretty smile on my face. No, this is too much, then the authentic sadness covers your head.

Song are mostly autumnal, "Roscoe" opens the "The Trials of Van Occupanther" (2006). But i didn't expect that kind of...Beautiful. The most melodic songs are placed at the start of record. That's why i said that they made me unconscious, consecutively they touch you. Dainty, dainty, not cookies, Midlake's songs. Followed that brainwashing "Head Home", "Van Occupanther", "Young Bride". If an indie band influences by Neil Young, this is real deal, they'll produce the music greatly. Band of Horses and Midlake are indisputable great examples in the year. Tim Smith voice recalls cool guys and has some similarities with Rufus Wainright, Tom Yorke. Harmony of bass guitar and piano, gentle horns are huge on "In This Camp". Clean song order makes it more capable album. This album reminds me of Van Morrison (specially Astral Weeks by Morrison), his unbelievable nature in music.

These gloomy bandits stole my heart. There is no last bus in music, always you've time to listen them, but before dying. Whatever i said, whatever you read, you should listen this.
MM picks: Bandits, Head Home, In This Camp
Mp3: Roscoe
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