The Hidden Cameras - Awoo

Rating: 7.7/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
This is the third studio album (Sep 19, 2006) for the Toronto collective headed by Joel Gibb. All 13 of the songs--make a big, joyful racket, full of glockenspiel, strings, pianos, guitars, vocals, and intricate arrangements that belie the simple heartfelt nature of leader Joel Gibb's songs.

I've been listening to it for two months, and it's right time to write about this good album, which needs time to comprehend its arrangement. We've emotional indie poppies, lovely frisky songs, orchestral melodies like Magnetic Fields' , acoustic-based songwriting such as
Belle & Sebastian, clever lyrics such as Michael Stipe's, it's been a assorted record, even it's so entertaining.

You can find yourself howling 'awooo' like a breezy wolf. R.E.M and Bob Mould influenced "Lollipop" and other eclectic songs prove that they follow many different styles, bands (The Smiths, Beach Boys). Beautiful "Fee Fie" is another good example of Hidden Cameras' good-natured symphonic indie pop style. There are other likeable songs such as "Follow These Eyes", "Heji", "Wandering", and also violins was used in the songs perfectly, it sounds as sweet as a mature fig.

"Awoo" gives good taste of music, with memorable vigorous stories.
MM picks: Lollipop, Heji
Mp3: Death Of A Tune
Hidden Cameras' Page


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