Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds

Rating: 8.7/10
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It's one of the most fascinating musical release in the year for sure . Actually i'd write it at the last day of the year, but it's so powerful and everyday it encourages me more to write about "He Poos Clouds".

"He Poos Clouds" (Jun 13, 2006) reminds an alive violin, dancing arty in hidden place of a dark forest. And your role in the forest is listening this little living violin that is telling sophisticated stories to trees. The trees seem to like the stories, and they shows this gladness by shaking their branch, greeting wind. You don't see any figure around you , there is only "He Poos Clouds". Canadian violinist/singer/songwriter Owen Pallett shows his all abilitities on every song extremely, and also there are stories about demons and dragons. Epic lyrics and themes which are huge on this record, show his connections with an influential video game "Final Fantasy". I'd played final series of the game which is actually not a game but a complicated narrative imaginary story. In fact, the game is like an imaginary masterpiece. So it won't be ludicrous to influence by a video game. If you listen the record as a whole, you'll spend your time gleefully. Scott Walker is an music idol, no need to explain his influences in this record. It deserves the praises that are passionate, theatrical like the way it does.

From fresh forests to wild violin tunes, it brings to life your passions wildly, dreadfully. "He Poos Clouds" is a proof that Final Fantasy is skilled in music.
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mp3: Many Lives 49 MP
Official website. Also check the interview on You ain't no picasso where Owen denies the rumor that he has never played the Final Fantasy video games.


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