Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies

Rating: 9/10
Indie Rock
Before the new year , i wanted to write all good albums. So this is one of that high desired album which was previously relesead on Feb 21, 2006. I've been covered by Canadian Artists, i'm happy with that indeed.

Dan Bejar's seventh Destroyer record is as lyrically dense as ever, but marks a shift to a full-band, guitar-oriented sound after 2004's more eclectic 'Your Blues.' This a little neurotic, on and off joyful, and also lovely music lets to dream yourself as dancing with a bottle of whiskey in the room, and also your favorite song is playing on backround, yes and this favorite should be Destroyer's Rubies. This brilliant music -- borrowing as much from perfect names like David Bowie, Lou Reed. Lou Reed guitar noise, then into sweet Bowie harmonies, is what makes Destroyer's Rubies such a wonder. "Painter in Your Pocket" makes all of rings trembling, inside of you!

What makes "Destroyer's Rubies" a legitimately great album is that Bejar's clever
combination his voice with romantic guitars. Dan Bejar's voice is similar to Tom Verlaine, they are both affecting, touchy voices. Who says no to romantic guitar melody, charming lyrics, something that is both pleasant and painful? I don't say no, already i didn't say no to previous record of Destroyer. They're very brilliant same as "Destroyer's Rubies". After "This Night", "Destroyer's Rubies" is one of the best work that Dan Bejar dropped.

Every song is great, and every instrument works for their good, la la la! It is modest, lucid and tender.
MM picks: European Oils, Looter's Follies, Painter in Your Pocket
mp3: European Oils


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great album, you present some really great music.

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