Bloody Sunday Holiday Playlist

Sunday, day of rest...will be this year's last day. The sunday will be a door leads to new hopes like what we used to hope every new year. Needless to say, sometimes you do great activities on sundays but not every sunday. I think listening music is one of the best thing to do on sundays.

Go for a walk: To drawn in middle of complex melodies. Everytime try to play different songs to enjoy the moment or to try to lighten your weights. It's great to passing near to a lovely melody while you're walking in the street or sharing your favorite album of the year to a friend. Discussing about music, 'Jesus & Mary Chain is always better than Echo & the Bunnymen'.
Jesus & Mary Chain - Sidewalking

Jump on to Cookies: This is the most innocent opinion for Sundays, dreaming yourself as a cookie monster at the same time listening to the favorite peaceful rock albums. I know, You prefer this cookie smell instead of anything. It makes you to feel that you're in safe, you're at home and with your dears.
Nouvelle Vague - Don't Go

Watching Old Movies: It's another nice liveliness to uncover some good movies from 70s, 80s, 90s... If you've a good archive, before watching them, you touch them to consider which
one is closer to you.
Adam Green - Watching Old Movies

To tidy your hairs: Thinking about everything, looking at the mirror, and your gloomy song is playing on the backround. You like it, though. If everything is going to be perfect then where is the mean of life? So you can't control love, it's crazy.
Marianne Faithfull - Crazy Love


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