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Bring on the carnival people!” barks the authoritative voice of a stage manageress, who is trying to instill a sense of urgency into the final dress rehearsal before a rare live Top Of The Pops
broadcast, now only three hours away.

In the coffee bar outside the studio nobody responds. Well, going by the gaudy array of costumes, she could be calling anyone, be they the Dollar drum majorettes, the cosmopolitan-clothed Funkapolitan or even the assembled cast of the BBC’s next prestige production Nancy Astor, what with their showy Victorian evening dress.

As it happens, she’s paging the obvious: the train of mardi gras extras brought along to illustrate Modern Romance’s ridiculous and opportunistic ‘Everybody Salsa’. Evidently the producer’s
limited idea of “good television” overrules quality control.Aware of TOTP’s visual limitations, John Foxx – looking like a stylish cross between Rhett Butler and Beau Brummell– has assembled his own props. “Meet my drummer,” he says,introducing the majestic bust he’s carrying under his arm. His TV group is fl eshed out by human sculptures Eddie Maelov,
resplendent in Noel Coward lounge suit, and Sunshine Patterson,in elegant evening gown.

“He’s here to remake The Great Gatsby,” John joshes Eddie.
“And Sunshine’s, eh, late for the wedding,” Eddie kids his partner.Meanwhile a bunch of offi ce boys have strayed onto the set – oh my God it’s OMD after a colour supplement primer in American preppiness.
Sitting in the middle of this fanciful costume ball, this week’sNumber one unit Soft Cell appear to be Cinderellas – and that’s despite singer Marc Almond’s wristloads of bracelets and studs and
the brassy gold necklaces dangled around his neck. Bemused by their chart bedfellows. Soft Cell scan this evening’s roll call.

“John Foxx, Gary Numan, Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres, us – it’ll be dry ice a go-go tonight,” predicts Marc with a giggle and a groan.
Actually, Numan couldn’t make it but he has sent his video.So, apart from The Human League, who weren’t invited although ‘Love Action’ had yo-yoed up to a Number Three, tonight’s TOTP
is a valuable survey of the ever evolving electro-disco beat – from pioneer John (Ultra) Foxx, through popularisers Numan and OMD to former pupils Soft Cell.Read more...
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