Nouvelle Vague - Bande A Part

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French retro-futurists Nouvelle Vague aren't just a one-off musical kitsch deal,
as they're setting out to prove with their second collection of bossa nova takes
on '70s and '80s punk and new wave songs.Bande à Part (2006) is French bossa nova group Nouvelle Vague's second album.Bande A Part finds the duo of Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux transforming and slowing down such classics as Blondie's "Heart Of Glass," Echo And The Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon," The Cramps' "Human Fly" and New Order's "Blue Monday." Several different singers take care of the vocals.

Modern Music Review
Opening track "Killing Moon" is so majestic and awesome it doesn't need any praise at all.
But for the second song,i do not prefer to listen a song which was an energic,truly classic of Buzzcock,because Buzzcocks had some kind of cheer,fun,lovely melody in their song,i see that Nouvelle changes this side of the old song unites with bossa nova style.This can be an emrassment
for classic punk rock lovers ,your ears wants the original version anyway,but "Dance With Me" is a reason for forget this,with its warm melody combinations.Sometimes vocals seem always the same but shiny melodies are really cover it."Don't Go"(Yazoo cover) including some changing with the vocals."Blue Monday" is so ordinary cover and worse than the original version.Anyhow,
There are resolute tunes such as Human Fly,Bela Lugosi's Dead...

"Bande A Part" doesn't include not-related sounds,Tunes are faithful even if
original version of songs are from too many different styles.But sometimes a little it repeats
itself however if you love Bossa nova style you'll like the whole album.
Cute female vocals are worth to see.
MM picks:Killing Moon,Don't Go,Human Fly
Listen:Bela Lugosi's Dead
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