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Antidepressant (2006), English cult singer/songwriter Lloyd Cole's eighth album after
the previous " Music in a Foreign Language" (2003) features a lot of calm,beautiful adult alternative melodies.

Pleasant, pure and reposeful new album of Lloyd Cole which he says 'with my medication i'll be fine' in this fresh lp and i should say his voice sounds great.
You feel the light and it caresses you at the same time it touches you. Successful pianos in 'I Didn't See It Coming' and 'How Wrong Can You Be?' are worth to see, also there are bright guitar compositions combine with Lloyd calm, ripe vocals.

'New York City Sunshine' which is a brilliant melody."How Wrong Can You Be?" is at the top with its lyrics and it flying country oriented electric guitars. Album is usually based on singer/songwriting."Everysong" has harmonica tunes and this sounds it's like an Bob Dylan, Neil Young song."I Am Not Willing" is an another song which shows Lloyd's Lou Reed admiration.

"Travelling Light" take you to a short walk around your feelings and this melody proves you can make impressive songs with ordinary melodies. "Rolodex Incident" is another proof for hold this album up and up. Little shining guitars walk around the piano keys and it was absolutely a pleasure to use this new Antidepressant formula of Lloyd Cole. I recommend this one for who believes in power of lyrics.
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MM picks:Antidepressant,How Wrong Can You Be?,Travelling Light
Listen:The Young Idealist, Woman In A Bar
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