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This band could be one of the influential band 90s and 00s but unfortunately Geoff Farina (former and leader) developed hearing problems due to twelve years of performance with Karate and was forced to disband the group in July, 2005. Their final show was played in Rome, Italy on July 10th, 2005.

They had deserved more than that,actually this band had lots of great compositions.They haven't got any crap,worthless song.Every song of them is another taste,another glory.I don't judge listeners like 'why did you listen Karate's album?' though.Because i see that it's hard to reach their music.I don't understand people they don't support bands with listening them at least(or with buying their albums,watching their live performances) but after they disbanded,they are voting those bands as their favorite. I didn't see any blog(tv chanel,radio etc.) posting about them previous years.Modern Music isn't a commercial project so i won't stop to post about these fantastic bands or musicians.

The most effective side of them is their pop jazzy glorious sound,their pleasent guitar solos plus their peerless vocals.Geoff Farina vocal performance is the timeless one.By this point, the group had refined its sound, removing the choppy, indie/emo elements in favor of a more disciplined approach that emphasized its jazz influence.
Karate - In Place Of Real Insight
With creative and powerful song structures and excellent vocals, this Massachusetts band is definitely one that should not be overlooked.Indie rock and jazz combinations are unbelievable
You can listen the album several times without get bored.New Martini,maybe you heard about the song which is very energic independent melody.Again songs like "It's 98 Stop","New New","Die Die"(dark guitar solos,atmosperic indie tunes) are the main reasons for adoring and devotion.You will never guess unless you listen.
P.S:I'll be posting more about them keep reading.

Modern Music Karete Top 5
  1. With Age
  2. The last wars
  3. Die Die
  4. Diazapam
  5. New Martini
Geoff Farina's personal Web page
Karate's page on Southern Records


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