Jeremy Enigk - World Waits

Jeremy Enigk (pronounced ee-nihk) is currently the frontman for the melodic rock band The Fire Theft. However, Enigk's biggest claim to fame is his involvement with the now defunct band Sunny Day Real Estate.
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I'm sure there are few people know about Jeremy Enigk but doesn't matter because if you want
to listen every artist you really have to spend many times or you have to love music really.As you know there are different fusion of rock music.This is the form of rock with orchestral strings and horns, all the while virtually denying the very existence of grunge, electronica, and other concurrent musical movements.Maybe it seems that it's closer to pop scene so,that's why we call it chamber pop.Also Chamber pop,indie rock,alternative pop/rock styles are too close and there is friendship between them.

Jeremy Enigk's new stuff "World Waits" (2006) is a melody cube which comes from the skies.You feel the mostly high and closer to clouds.Dreams,ethereal lyrics and guitar flowings.The most important melody "Damien Dreams" which is at the middle of the lp,and it's an exclamation about relationship.Following that "Wayward Love" reminded me glorious Syd Barett melodies,this song is a perfect flying.It really fits near an High Llamas song at once,Especially if this song is "Checking In, Checking Out" from High Llamas' amazing "Gideon Gaye".Basically,if you're an High Llamas,Belle & Sebastian,Divine Comedy or Eric Matthews listener you'll roundly love this one.He influenced from Nick Drake but this album the mostly sounds a John Lennon inspiration with lots of piano atractions (Dare a Smile,World Waits).I should add the closing song "Burn" is charming with strong vocals,dramatic pianos.

"World Waits" will touch you.
MM picks:A New Beginning, Damien Dreams, World Waits, Burn


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