Grizzly Bear - Yellow House

A succesfull post-rock/experimental album of the year
The new material that comprises Yellow House (2006) puts the band at the vanguard of
contemporary song writing. The album was self-recorded during an idyllic summer. The makeshift studio was provided by Droste's mom's living room in a yellow
house just off Cape Cod.

'The lo-fi has gone large-scale, each song slowly unfurling to reveal dense,
dreamy rhythms, choirs of silky voices and opulent melodies rich in atmospherics.'The Guardian

Magical, haunting melodies are still their mainstay. Grizzly Bear always craft their songs from start to finish - meticulous instrumentation and arrangements are their specialty. On Yellow House, Grizzly Bear still flex their lo-fi connoisseurship, but with a better recording - DIY embellished with Taylor's fine sonic engineering acumen. Droste and Rossen share initial song writing
duties, although the entire band collaborates to breath life into the tracks.

MM review
Like Jim O'Rourke,High Llamas,Mercury Rev, you feel Grizzly Bear's music in yourself.
Natural atmosphere goes on till the last track.'Lullabye' a velvet melody which is also
very solid like a rock.'Knife' including some Beach Boys vocal styles and combines it
some Post/Rock tunes.The result was awesome.They improved their songwriting.'Central and Remote'sounds more serious than other song and middle song 'Plans' is a good balance for album."Yellow House" is truly spinning around you,charming and it's impossible to be unimpressed.

First impressions:Actually it's very hard to understand too many things from a post-rock/ experimental album at your first listen. Honestly i felt a lot of from "Yellow House",
wheather of country , bunch of flowers, grief of natural life, nameless happiness...

MM picks:Lullabye,knife,Plans
Listen:Lullabye, On A Neck, On A Spit
Official site of Brooklyn-based group Grizzly Bear


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