Fleetwood Mac - English Rose

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Under the direction of Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac is heard as a British blues group, although its most notable performances are on Green's original tunes "Black Magic Woman" and "Albatross," both British hits.

The opening track 'Stop Messin' Round' from Fleetwood Mac's second album finds the band at once staying true to their authentic blues roots while expanding arrangements.'Jigsaw Puzzle Blues' instrumental great blues work.

A whimsical, almost Depression-era blues ballad, "Doctor Brown" is led by a vibrato-laden
guitar riff from Jeremy Spencer.

'Something Inside of Me' Paranoia, sadness, and depression are all subtexts here and all are couched in an emotionally charged blues.
The song rocks harder than many of the band's efforts on their debut, and it is a great example of Fleetwood Mac flexing their muscle.

One of the highlights of the early Fleetwood Mac catalog, "Love That Burns" showcases Peter Green's command of a slow blues. Emotionally charged and intense lyrics touch upon some classic blues imagery; the failing of a romance, as usual, is the main subject matter.

"Albatross" provided the band with a huge international hit in 1969. Combining blues, Bahamian, Caribbean, and calypso music, Peter Green created a truly unique musical synthesis. Built around a simple blues pattern, Green and the band added fabulous and somewhat eccentric shading, and the overall effect is, without a doubt, intoxicating.

Very bluesy Fleetwood Mac classic album "English Rose" which includes twelve incredible
blues songs.Every song is great without any discussion.Passionate vocals,good-natured
guitars,playful tunes, excellent solo sections show us that it never gets old.
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