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After leaving Cardinal, He released out two pretty good albums in the mid-1990s and then disappeared after 97, only to suddenly resurface last year with a seven-song EP. And now, a year later, with a 17-song album. With a five-song EP attached to the limited edition.
That is a ton of songs, and what's more, they sound pretty much exactly like the stuff you were releasing 10 years ago.

Maybe he's keeping what he'd done.All i know,it's very exciting to hear his gloomy,gentle voice again.It's raining cats and dogs out here and Eric's "Foundation Sounds" (2006) helps me to have a good time with my couple of coffee."Death Of In Between" gets meaning by the rain drops,glorious lyrics and its experienced vocal capacity.Actually "Foundation Sounds" is an amazing album which contains mostly pastoral,autumnal,nocturnal moods.Surely,it's appropriate for adult music listeners,also you can interested in this album if you love jazzy tunes with indie pop style.Don't expect energic tunes,it's totally slow moving album with its slow guitar spinnings,its vocal and lyrical sensibility."Courage" sounds and proves 'i'm the standout song' itself,really a true exclamation.

"Foundation Sounds" love to hide its power because it's not kind of album which you can love at
first listening.Besides,if you loved one album at first listen ,then you would become bashful at
fourth or fifth listen.

There was a song "my morning parade" from "The Lateness of the Hour" album,i know it was great song.Say welcome to "All That Remains","my morning parade"s new brother.If you like Singer/Songwriter style you shouldn't miss this album.There are great lyrics like "Survive","Start Of The Meltdown".
He loves to use trumpet in his songs,i love them too which sounds great when it unites with Eric's velvet voice.I listen his works with Divine Comedy,Elliott Smith,Nick Drake,Belle & Sebastian and Aluminum Group...I know these are great names.If you love music,you love "Foundation Sounds".

MM picks:Courage,Start Of The Meltdown,Sounds Of Flight.
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