Modern Music Top 10

1.The mars volta - Vicarious Atonement
2.James D. Bradfield - That's No Way To Tell A Lie
3.Sleepy jackson - god lead your soul
4.New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey
5.Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
6.Stuart Stables - That Leaving Feeling
7.Tom petty - Saving Grace
8.Adam Green - NAT KING COLE(New!)
9.Barry Adamson - here in the hole(New!)
10.Dears - Hate Then Love

Yeah Mars Volta is #1 their song from last album Amputechture
which is including Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist
John Frusciante who is featured as guest
guitarist on every track of Amputechture.
'God Lead Your Soul', this sounds like the results of someone who's
listened to Pet Sounds one time too many, while Luke Steele's
dangerously high vocal suggests a certain tender part of his anatomy
must have been trapped in a vice throughout the making of this record.


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