Tom Petty - Highway Companion (2006):review

MM album review
Highway Companion, Tom Petty's third solo album and first in a dozen years,is a timeless album about the passing of time.
The album consists of 12 tracks that are perfect for a road trip
and live up to the classic guitar rock sound that fans of Petty have
loved for years.Petty worked with Jeff Lynne(procuder).

Instantly i'm sayin' it's a really really a good album.If you're a
Tom petty fun,this album makes you smile.Because it brings happiness to your music centre.It's pure and brilliant at same time.

My first impression was "Turn This Car Around" while i was listening
this record.After listening bluesy tracks like "Jack","This Old Town"
my eyes opened and i was saying 'it's really great album.'

Short but impressive guitar solos,velvet vocals(Tom petty's voice is always
like velvet)good lyrics are the most important points.

This album will be great choice after listening hard musics(metal,hard rock
etc.)You won't be paralyzed because the music is so refreshing.

All of the songs were once again written by Petty, and the singer/songwriter
also played rhythm guitar, drums, harmonica, electric piano, bass, and
lead guitar and provided lead and backing vocals on the album’s various tracks.
Picks:Ankle Deep,Turn This Car Around,Jack


bulut on 12:07 pm said...

1. "Saving Grace" - 3:47
2. "Square One" - 3:23
3. "Flirting with Time"
4. "Down South"
5. "Jack"
6. "Turn This Car Around"
7. "Big Weekend" - 3:15
8. "Night Driver"
9. "Damaged by Love"
10. "This Old Town"
11. "Ankle Deep"
12. "The Golden Rose"

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