Thom Yorke - The Eraser (2006)

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The Eraser is a good ordinary electronic album.But everytime when i'm speaking about the album i can't get off saying 'it is totally boring album'.Am i listening this album only for Tom Yorke.If another musician had an album like this,would i listen it?I think i don't.Because it's only such a stupid thing to think that 'I'm famaous and frontman of the band so i have to release a solo album',So why did you join a band?You could start as a solo artist.It's all commercial ways.

I don't judge Yorke,but as you see there're lots of sample like that.The eraser is an ordinary electronic indie album,i listened a lot of album better than this one.The Eraser,Analyse,The Clock are considerable song from this album.But when you're getting middle of the album,you can forthwith stop listening.Melodies are good but rancid.If you're dying for Tom Yorke then i can't say anything you should listen this album.You'll be angry with me but still prefer to listen Radiohead albums.And looking forward to listening new Radiohead stuff.You can think it's a bullshit compare Tom yorke with Radiohead but it isn't nonsense.
Picks:Analyse,The clock


kimb said...

You are a good reviewer that I always enjoy reading. Original, passionate & the confidence of knowing WHAT you're talking about - even if your english is shakey. Now keep going! thanks :D

eugene on 1:30 pm said...

you're a fool. This album rocks absolutely. You can't make nebulous comparisons without actually naming those you think are better!
Firstly, if it stands on its own, then it is its own. I don't think tom yorke was trying to make something for electronica geeks.
Secondly, no one can do what tom does better than he does it. This goes for a lot of artists, but Tom is truly Unique. You realize how much of radiohead is him. A lot!

3rdly. Critics please, at least the ability to write cleverly if you're gonna try and knock a genius.

bulut on 1:40 pm said...

Yeah this review is shit, there are a lot of gramatical errors on it. After all, i agree with the rating. There isn't any connection that make the listeners a 'Wow!', an ordinary, testing record. I think you know a lot of thing about critics. But you forget the most important thing. Music is personal.

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