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Cover Cover Cover
I'd wanted to write something about this album.According to me,it was one of the important cover album from last year.Becasue you can't see covers like Peter Gabriel, the The,Moby in same album.

Esspecially Kingdom Of Rain,this song has very mature style.I'm listening again and again The The version of this song.And still it has the same old feeling.So that shows us how much the song is original.

On the other hand,She has another cover album named by 'throw down your arms' which contains 12 reggae classic.It's totally summer album.The song named 'Downpresser man' which is one the best original cover i've listened.You should follow old and new albums if you think you're a music lover.This is the reason why i'm writing old and new albums in the same time.

Another highlight from this album is 1000 mirrors,i'm sure you heard about this great cover.Radiohead guitarist was playing at the opening song.
Kingdom Of Rain,1000 mirrors


alvega on 10:49 am said...

Lovely album, and a precious VBR APS rip.
Thanks much for the share, bulut :-)

Sam Stone said...

Thanks for sharing, I was looking for this for some time now :-)

ibex on 1:28 pm said...

fantastic album ! thanks

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