Red Hot Chilli Peppers Album - Stadium Arcadium

Commercial Good Albums
I don't like Chilli's Dani california.Because This song seems like a monkey song so boring so same melody.But I can't say it didn't sell.The album is selling great.So i want to put some random reviews here about the album.

This album is mostly slower more mellow songs. Which is fine, and very relaxing. I would have just liked them to have changed it up a little bit speed wise. Thats the only thing that really hindered it for me. All in all this is a very solid, enjoyable, and relaxing album (also very good for makeout sessions lol), but just not their best. Im very pleased though, and it was worth the money.

"Turn it again" (the best John F. solo ever), "Readymade", "21st Century", "So Much I", "Make You Feel Better", "Strip my Mind" and "Hard to communicate". The other disc "Jupiter" is sequenced quite poorly with too many mid tempo songs in a row. These would have been great next to more uptempo numbers. Until "Torture Me" comes up the record is a little sleepy, its true. But "Torture Me" is a big wake up call.

Maybe Most people right about 'it's a great album', but i can easly say it's still commercial.


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