Nostalgia Weekend:Digging old records

If i ask you'what is the funniest band from early years?'.Maybe it's hard to think which band could be?But i'm sure that you'll consider Madness in any circumstances.

What about the most influential band?Could it be Pink Floyd,absolutely yes.We'll dig into their most popular album The Wall.

The modfather;In the UK, he is recognised as something of a national institution yet, because much of his songwriting is rooted in British culture, he has remained essentially a national rather than an international star.Who is it?Of course Paul Weller.We'll dig into The jam 1977 - 79.

We're going to Australia now.Remember vocal with a cracked voice. 'Who made who, who made you?'High voltage on Modern Music with Ac/Dc.

Another great,succesful album we'll know about.Do You Remember the First Time?I'm sure that with this question you'll instantly say Pulp Pulp Pulp.'His 'N' Hers' is our guest album on this nostalgia weekend.
Pink floyd - The wall
Pulp - his n hers
Madness - seven
Ac/dc - who made who
The Jam - 1977-79


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