The Most Modern 10 (6)

1.Divine comedy - diva lady
2.Raconteurs - Blue Veins
3.Gary numan - in a dark place
4.The walkmen - Louisiana
5.Tom verlaine - Nice Actress (New!)buy this great album
6.Beautiful South - Manchesterbuy this
7.Tom Yorke - Black Swan
8.Dears - Hate Then Love (New!)buy this
9.Sonic Youth - Incinerate
10.Young Knives - here comes the rumour mil(New!)

You should listen Young Knives new album 'Voices Of Animals And Men'.it's quite good for a new band.Also i writed about The Dears new album Gang of losers,you shouln't miss this album,i can say it's one of my fav. from inside of new albums.


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