Keane - Under The Iron Sea (2006)

MM Album Review
A new album by British rock band Keane after their debut brit rock album "Hopes and Fears".
"Atlantic" which has a wanderful era also piano and atmosperic melodies.
Vocals are so concordant with the musics in this song.Maybe a little dark and
depressive but that doesn't mean it's lousy.

"Is It Any Wonder" is a glittering song which is changing the ambiance quickly
after dark keybords(Atlantic).Its video was directed by Kevin Godley, he had worked for The Police and Duran Duran music videos in the mid-1980s.

The title of the album is derived from the lyric "I lost my heart. I buried it too deep under the iron sea," which appears in the eighth song, "Crystal Ball".

Again Tempo is slowing with "Nothing In My Way".This is good choice because i love
to go down and up.Miserable and happiness are in balance.If you were happy
in your life i think it'd be boring or if you were always sad that would be teribble
again.Balance is so important while you're recording an album.

So this record is bringing good piano combinations."Under The iron sea" is a sparkling
brit pop album which you shouldn't miss.Tom Chaplin is a good singer and maybe
you can find same tunes with U2 or the manics but you find some influences in
every albums or every artist.It can sound like U2 but doesn't matter.Because
this album is much better than U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb(because they
had tried new things).They were very succesful with their debut "Hopes and Fears"
They could do same thing again but They didn't.Especially,pianos are Great.
picks:A Bad Dream,Crystal Ball,Atlantic


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