James - Whiplash

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Whiplash which released in 1997 album of James.Energetic startings with songs
'Tomorrow','Lost A Friend' this album is shining.'Waltzing Along' which we can call a james classic.You'll hear fascinating
vocals in this song,very delicious song.'She's A Star' is one of the spearhead song in this album.Also,you can see this song in best James song.It's not an ordinary britpop melody,combination of Tim Booth vocals and pure guitars are considerable.
'Greenpeace' is bringing itself forward by lyrics.Good lyrics and good bridge after
'She's A Star' and 'Waltzing Along'.

'Go To The Bank' changes atmosphere of album which was more miserable before.
This song is starting with disco beats and low volume vocals.
'Play Dead' has smilarities with 'Go To The Bank' however it has different soul.

'Whiplash' will became a different taste after few spin.We'll see pure guitar
melodies with heavyhearted vocals of Booth at the full of album.'Whiplash' also
can be one of your fav. James album.


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