In flames - Come Clarity (2006)

Shit Albums
Come Clarity features thirteen explosive tracks, including the roll-out single and video, "Take this Life".
Well,when it comes to writing about a shit album,it's not very hard.Because you can easly understand with a few spin of listening the album.First of all,the album is preapared in a hurry.When you're first listening the album,you'll instantly say 'Great heavy metal(black or death)',but your ears are playing game to you.Because if you listen previous in flames you'll see that this album full of shit and mean anything.There're few good tracks others are disaster.You won't want to listen them again.I still prefer 10,000 Days by Tool.

This cd is horrible. Almost as horrible as soundtrack to your escape. Where is the old in flames? Dead End is the only + track, and it may be due to the accompanied female vocals.


bulut on 7:16 am said...

1. Take This Life
2. Leeches
3. Reflect The Storm
4. Dead End
5. Scream
6. Come Clarity
7. Vacuum
8. Pacing Death's Trail
9. Crawl Through Knives
10. Versus Terminus
11. Our Infinite Struggle
12. Vanishing Light
13. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new here, so maybe it's a newbie question, but does anyone know what the password is ? :)

bulut on 5:08 am said...


Anonymous said...

hey man i think you need to lighten up on these guys. you cant expect every album by a band to sound exactly the same, thats fucking boring. yeah the old stuff is good but people change and they write different stuff. i think the new ones are just as good and just as heavy just more melodic. i read the interviews i saw them on ozzfest i met peter, the bass player.

bulut on 5:15 pm said...

i understand your feeling about in flames.

Of course they're good band.But I won't say to bad albums'it's great'.

Wildfire said...


you have a problem with "come clarity" but you prefer 10,000 Days by Tool. Seriously, the only person that needs their ears checked is yourself because they're deceiving you if you think 10,000 Days is good, let alone any better than Come Clarity.

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