Gomez - How We Operate 2006

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Soft indie rock tunes with opening song 'Notice',but this song isn't doing
its job.Without hope it's not an average song.it brokes your desire which needs to listen whole the album.

Their previous two works 'Out West' and 'Split the Difference' are better than this release.'See The World' sounds an ordinary pop guitar song or you can call it britpop.You can stop listening album with these two song.

'How We Operate' changes the atmosphere of goings-on.Maybe this song should be the
opening song.Ambiance of this song can be called rhythmic.
you can expect more from 'Girlshapedlovedrug',But no need to that.i can openly say
this song is insignificant.it repeats the same 'messes with your mind ,messes with your mind'

'Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol' has good guitar melodies.This song sounds more indie
more better with its melody.'Tear Your Love Apart' starts with
continuous guitar riffs and i can say it's succesfull.This guitars are Rising in
choruses.But it's not a great song to listen every play of the album.

The most considerable song is 'Woman Man' from this album.You should listen this one.
But i can't say great for the other compositions.They're very boring songs after
few spin.'Cry On Demand' seems a little delightful but it can't saved the whole

Gomez has better songs at previous albums.I think they should listen more
what they did because this album is totally disapointment and extinguished.It sounds a little stale.
picks:Woman Man,How We Operate
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