Free Songs: Oakley Hall

Song 1: All The Way Down (Oakley Hall)
– unreleased
Could be the song that bassist Jesse Barnes solidifies most of the four tracks done here in Rock Island. It very well could be a dead heat with “Lazy Susan,” but he makes the song gravitational, the deep dripping of his guitar makes you forget that Rachel Cox is singing her dress off over there.

Song 2: Lazy Susan (Oakley Hall)
– original version appears on “Gypsum Strings” on Brah Records
Poor Susan. Like Benedict Arnold, this fateful historical figure is now synonymous with something negative. She’s no traitor, willing to give West Point up to the British, but she is forever known as the person who wanted an easier way than a cupboard to get to her saltine crackers and jelly jars. On a personal note, my Lazy Susan’s not very functional.

Song 3: Light of My Love (Oakley Hall)
– original version appears on “Second Guessing”
Try as you sure well might you will not shake the force of this chorus. It’s an analysis of a lover not taking the love seriously and it’s a premonition that there will be heartarche and yet the music seems to suggest that the wronged party will keep his or her posture. The heartache still sounds like the sunbeam that the love started out as. This is how the greatest country band – Alabama – would sound if they were indie rock and roll.

Song 4: Old and Gone (Oakley Hall)
Preach Rachel, “I’d jump in the water no matter how cold it was.” The sick breakdown at the 2-minutes, 25-second mark will make you want to air organ. It’s evil.
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