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A new indie band from Minnesota.First i listen their song named 'Vampire'
Nate Borgen(vocal) has adaptation with music,guitars are good and enough to say it's indie sound.Why i'm saying this?Because you can't say 'indie music is evident with its sound' so it's indie and relieved.Their music is relieved too.They're playing good and there isn't disorder.Their influences are Wilco, early U2, Interpol, Primal Scream, The Walkmen, My Bloody Valentine, The Verve but i can't say they have similar ways with these bands.I think they only love these bands.Ok,maybe there are some similarities but it isn't unusual.Mostly,i compared they with the walkmen.

And i think they are trying to do their own music.

you can listen and download some of their songs from this page.Modern music recommends their song named 'Missed Me' and 'too far to go'.'too far to go' is really worth to listen.Now let's discover them.


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